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How to use Bitcoin-qt generated wallet on MultiBit Bitcoin Client (it works)

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Full Bitcoin nodes are steady on the decline: Is the increased use of lightweight clients (like MultiBit) instead of full-node clients (like Bitcoin-QT aka Bitcoin Core) the reason?

Full Bitcoin nodes are steady on the decline: Is the increased use of lightweight clients (like MultiBit) instead of full-node clients (like Bitcoin-QT aka Bitcoin Core) the reason? submitted by coinwatcher to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

An SPV (thin) client, like Multibit, with bitcoind/bitcoin-cli commands?

As the blockchain gets bigger, more and more people will opt for a thin client, but some Bitcoin users need bitcoind commands for their automated services. Is the full client the only way to use these commands, or is there an SPV client out, or being developed, with similar functionality?
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Multibit classic client with slider fee option? /r/Bitcoin

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I currently have some Mastercoins associated with an address held in my Bitcoin-QT client. Can I import that wallet into electrum or multibit and still have control of the Mastercoins?

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Coinbase (online wallet) or MultiBit on Mac (local wallet client) for my first bitcoin?

I'd like to get my first bitcoins today but I was wondering if I should choose an online wallet or a local one.
I do backups.
Which should I choose? Something else? What do you use?
Thanks a lot!
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Why use your own full node? Answered by Pieter Wuille

One of Bitcoin's strengths - the most important in my opinion even - is the low degree of trust you need in others.
If you use a full node for your incoming transactions, you know that there was no cheating anytime in the history of your coins:
... with one exception: because there is a need to pick a winner in presence of multiple competing valid versions of the ledger, (a majority of) miners have the authority to pick the version of the block chain that wins. This means their power is limited to choosing the order in which otherwise valid transactions occur, up to and including the right to delay them indefinitely. But they cannot make invalid transaction look valid to a full node.
If you are not running a full node, the amount of trust you're placing in others increases.
SPV nodes (such as some mobile clients, and Multibit) place a blind trust in the majority of miners, without checking validity of the blockchain they produce. It still requires a majority of miners to mislead an SPV node, but they can make it believe anything (including "You received 10000000 BTC!"). The reason why this does not happen is because full nodes would not accept such blocks, and assuming a large portion of the ecosystem does rely on full nodes, miners who do this would not see their blocks accepted by the larger economy, resulting in them wasting money.
Centralized services (most webwallets) make the user trust whatever the site says. They can claim anything.
So I hope you now see the importance of full nodes in this model. If you run a full node somewhere on the network, and nobody looks at the transactions it validates, it is indeed contributing to the network, but it is not helping with the reduction of trust.
Look at it another way: if only a few large players in the Bitcoin ecosystem were running full nodes, it only requires a malicious intent, or an attack/threat against them, to change the system's rules, as nobody else is validating.
Doing transactions in the Bitcoin ecosystem helps the Bitcoin currency. Running a full node helps the network. Using a full node helps you and the ecosystem reduce the need for trust.
Adding to that answer myself:
Running (and using) your own full node gives you the benefit of increased privacy, because you don't leak information about your UTXOs to the default node of your wallet, which can link your UTXOs together, perhaps even link them to your real world identity.
There are different ways how to set up a node (from simply installing the Bitcoin Core software on your computer to getting a plug'n'play solution such as Casa or Nodl), but to connect a (hardware) wallet to it is a little more tricky for now.
One of the projects I frequently recommend myself is It's somewhat cheap (~$150 for hardware, as compared to other plug'n'play nodes which are around $300) but can run 24/7 and includes guides how to set up Tor on the device, and how to use your hardware wallet with the node.
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Electrum on twitter : " The next major release of @ElectrumWallet will support #segwit and payment channels. ETA: Xmas 2016 "

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There's been a ~70% increase in the number of active Bitcoin nodes in the last two days

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I just sent 4.0 BTC to an old Mt. Gox address using Multibit. FUCK

This is very sad indeed. I was trying to send money from my mycelium wallet to my multibit wallet. My multibit wallet was displaying a QR code but it was for a send address. Turns out this was an old Mt. Gox address.
Is there anything I can do. I'm fucked right.
Fuck. Me.
Please comfort me in my time of sadness.
Update @3:58AM: I've contacted Mark, [email protected], as well as placed an inquiry with TheDJFC, who famously did the same thing but with 200x as much and recovered the loss, has kindly offered his assistance. I will post updates as I am able.
Update @4:22: -----BEGIN BITCOIN SIGNED MESSAGE----- profbs -----BEGIN BITCOIN SIGNATURE----- Version: Bitcoin-qt (1.0) Address: 12ui22xrbid86SMM1jrjxZYp7Add4QZLJv
H6YT5EmnLkofR5gx0bkefJlnH+XA3nsPtkeYdSURdOgBMgibB1ZB6r5fDSblnxBiuF4Dk4QKfcjaszUWPKPImh4= -----END BITCOIN SIGNATURE-----
Update @6:26: Lawyer has agreed to begin the recovery process.
Update @ 11:47: We are attempting to help another redditor who has had the same problem. This is a strong community. I am pleased to see so much positivity in this thread and so many people who are both supportive and committed to doing the right thing.
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I think I just lost 90BTC! Are they stolen?? Help!!!

Here's my wallet:
It's a brain wallet with a pretty darn good passphrase
Why is my transfer grouped with another transfer of 87.999BTC?? I used a Xubuntu Live CD and generated the privkey from my passphrase using a downloaded html from I used MultiBit and exported my wallet to a file, then modified the file to contain my priv key, then I transferred 12BTC to my blockchain wallet. Then I deleted the wallet, closed MultiBit and shut down the PC. Are my bitcoins lost forever???
edit: still struggling. I've done a "cat /dev/sdb > usbstick.bin" and copied the casper-rw file directly. mounting the casper-rw file works and I browsed to ~/MultiBit. There's one wallet there that looks interesting, but I cannot read or copy it in any way...
$ ls ls: cannot access multibit-20130321171949.wallet: Input/output error log multibit.blockchain multibit-20130321171949.wallet multibit-20130331160220.wallet multibit.wallet
searching for org.bitcoin.production through the casper-rw gives me 3 hits.
I also extracted this from the casper-rw:,1 walletVersion,2 receive,1BndiDjH6eLsGajv5mzenNTx1z33hf9udT, property,walletDescription,Your%20wallet%20description property,walletFileLastModified,1363908467000 property,walletInfoFileLastModified,1363908467000 property,sendPerformPasteNow,false property,receiveLabel, property,walletBackupFile,%2Fhome%2Fxubuntu%2FMultiBit%2Fmultibit-20130321232754.wallet property,walletInfoFileSize,492 property,receiveAddress,1BndiDjH6eLsGajv5mzenNTx1z33hf9udT property,walletFileSize,104
edit2: when trying to read the wallet file from casper-rw, dmesg says: [ 7994.345782] EXT2-fs (loop1): error: ext2_lookup: deleted inode referenced: 64322
edit3: MultiBit is using bitcoinj, which stores the wallets in a protobuf format. I downloaded protobuf and the bitcoinj source, extracted the wallet.proto stucture and wrote a small C++ program that searches in the USB stick bin file for the string "\x0A\x16org.bitcoin.production", and tries to parse it as a protobuf wallet of size 8-50000 bytes. I found a couple of wallets, but only empty ones and my brainwallet. The structure with a header and reversed bytes that 4461462665 is refering to seems to conform with what I've read about how protobuf serializes data. I really think the wallet is lost. I'm going to quickly set up a sandbox that selected hackers can have a stab at. If anyone manages to recover the bitcoins, they are free to keep 30%.
edit4: TLDR; The story: I used a fresh MultiBit client, imported my brainwallet private key, made a 12btc transaction and then deleted the wallet. Turns out MultiBit picked up a 100BTC "input" and transferred the "change" (88btc) to the first key in my wallet (one generated by MultiBit before importing my own key). I have searched (hard!) for the key. I'm giving up, and will let the hackers of the internets take a stab.
edit5: I really think the bitcoins are lost. Looking at .wallet files from MultiBit, they all seem to store the private key in plain hex, prefixed with the string 1A 6E 08 01 12 20. I have searched for this string but all I could find was the wrong private key.
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Multibit replaces Bitcoin-Qt on the Choose Your Wallet page

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Downloads of Electrum, a tiny and secure Bitcoin client, surging 104% upon official v1.0 release.

Downloads of Electrum, a tiny and secure Bitcoin client, surging 104% upon official v1.0 release. submitted by svenfaw to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

BlockChain down :(

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Bitcoin-QT is going to take about a month to synchronize and I've stupidly already sent bitcoins to the wallet...

So I downloaded the Bitcoin QT client for my mac on the recommendation of the bitcoin website a few months back. Got bored with it running for days and chewing up all my processing power, started using online wallets as I was only making small fast transactions. Kinda forgot about QT.
Decided to get it back and running again recently so I re-opened it, found the addresses, sent some bitcoins from localbitcoins to my QT wallet. Stupid move, as it was out of date, and has been hovering at 69% for days, crawling forward a few micro percent at a time, barely keeping up. My bitcoins do not appear in my QT wallet yet as it is still processing blocks from over 500 days ago.
Anything to do but wait?
Also - it seems to be version 0.7.2-beta. Is Bitcoin Core the new version of QT? How easy can I upgrade? I don't want to lose my addresses as they have bitcoins. As you can probably tell, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.
(edit - I checked on and the bitcoins arrived at the address and are sitting there, it's just that Bitcoin-QT has not indexed this yet)
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Bounty: 1.5 Million DOGE for the first person to create an electrum equivalent for dogecoin.

Houston, we have a problem.
The current dogechain over 1.4gb in size. This is incredibly bloated.
As time goes on, the size of the blockchain will only continue to increase, making sync times longer. Long sync times are bad because they may scare off newcomers who may need to download for hours or days before using dogecoin.
For obvious reasons, this is very bad.
Bitcoin has solved this problem by creating electrum and multibit, which are wallets that stores the blockchain online, but the wallet data locally. This allows for very small wallet sizes, with all the security features of having a local wallet.
We must do the same thing.
We have therefore decided to offer millions of dogecoins for anyone that can create an electrum equivalent for dogecoin.
If any shibes wants to help increase the size of this bounty, please donate to DMxCwo7qJphRVeC6pHcoDHaizk55pg6iNt . This address will only ever be used for the pot. Please do not tip me directly, because I need to keep track of money meant for me vs. money meant for pot.
tl;dr: Wow. Downlod much difficult. Hueg fil. need fix 2 get 2 moon. Such payment 4 fix. Such gud 4 new shibe. Bark bark.
Current Pot Size: Zero. Bounty has been paid out. See this for history
Note: I only control a portion of the total size of the pot. The rest are by individuals who have promised to give directly.
Much Generous Shibes who have contributed to the Pot:
Tuxedage, [-wolong-] (1m, give directly), thatslifeon (0.5m, give directly). tohaz (0.5m, GD) Shibe_Tabsa @ Teamdoge. mljsimone @ Hashdogs, Keebler64 , McPingvin, TheDoctor , need4doge , ummjackson, Faxon, UltraHR, UnsureSherlock, cpt_merica
Please message me with your name and donation amount if you want to get on this list.
 . . 
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS -- If you are working on this project, please check here for important updates every few days

1: I see a lot of people tipping. I've already said this once, but I'll say it again. Please don't tip if your intention is to add to the pot. Send directly. I bear no responsibility if your funds are misplaced or accidentally lost.

2: I am now aware that an android wallet exists. Although I thought it was obvious from context, let me reaffirm this: I would like a wallet that works on Windows/Mac/Linux, and has an easy to use installer, rather than necessitating some kind of android emulator to port it over to a computer. It must be newbie friendly.

#3: Langer_hans has brought up a valid point -- the current phrasing of the thread is dangerous because it encourages bad, but quick submissions, as only the "first person" gets the bounty. I am proposing changing the system; users will vote on which wallet they like best. The one with the most votes will get the bounty instead. This should encourage people to actually make good quality submissions, and also to collaborate. What do you guys think?

4: 15th of February is the final deadline for wallet entree submissions. Please message me with FULL DETAILS (including name, download information, website, user guide, other info, and so on) of your wallet to submit. Users will then get 1 week to try out different wallets and form an opinion of them. A week later, I will open up a poll for voting on which wallet is the best. Whichever wallet gets the most votes will obtain the prizepool. About 400k of the pot will be reserved for consolidation prizes, to be distributed at discretion. (So that shibes who didn't win won't feel sad).

*#5: Due to exogenous circumstances, competition will start on the 19th Feb as opposed to 15th. Sorry for the delay. *
** #6: VOTING IS OPEN. **
If you need to contact me urgently, please go to the dogecoin IRC -- #dogecoin @ and message me.
List of Submissions
If you do not see your name or entree on here within 48 hours of messaging me, please message me again until I add it.
Final Update:
Given the incredibly close results of the poll, the Developers and I have privately discussed how best to distribute the bounty. They have mutually agreed to a 50-50 split. The bounty has been paid out. Cheers.
People who have pledged to directly donate to the developers, please message me. Thank you
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In early 2013, it became a common belief that new Bitcoin users should not be recommended Bitcoin-QT, the full node client. was changed to no longer exclusively recommend it. Two years later, the block size conservatives are saying the drop in full node count was due to block size

I distinctly remember that the recommending of Bitcoin-QT to new Bitcoin users became a faux pas in early 2013. It was claimed that regular people should download and install an SPV client like Multibit.
Predictably, there was a large drop in the full node count, as the wallet market became dominated by a large number of new, light clients, and the most trafficked Bitcoin website,, stopped exclusively recommending people to install Bitcoin-QT.
Now, we have important developers like Luke-Jr claiming that this 95% drop in full node count can be mainly attributed to the growing size of the block chain, despite the fact that the drop began right when light clients began being recommended..
EDIT to add some data:
This is the image that GMaxwell and Peter Todd, two individuals who are conservative about the block size (in particular Peter Todd, who's been warning about increasing the 1 MB size limit since 2013), have linked to to make their point about the full node count:
Up until at least March 18, 2013, the only client recommended to visitors of was Bitcoin-QT, and an installation link for it was provided right on the landing page:
The WayBack Machine shows that by March 25th, 2013, this had changed, and a 'Choose Your Wallet' button appeared on
From March 25th 2013 onward, the number of non-full-node wallets recommended by increased, in response to a general increase in the number of high quality and/or well marketed light and mobile wallets on the market.
Now a days, Bitcoin-QT is one of twelve clients displayed on's Choose Your Wallet page:
Other than Bitcoin-QT and Bitcoin Armory, all of them are non-full-node clients.
This shift, from a wallet market where only Bitcoin-QT was available and recommended to one that is increasingly diverse and dominated by light clients, coincides with the point (Spring 2013) where we start seeing a rapid decline in the full node count.
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Confused about forks: how does the average Bitcoiner "decide" to use a fork?

Let's say in a year there is a mostly unanimous decision to fork and raise the block size. What does the average Bitcoiner do to decide that results in him and his Bitcoins following everyone else to the new fork?
Additionally, what if he's the 10% who for some reason doesn't want to follow the fork? How does he keep his Bitcoins on the old path?
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Interesting technical facts about Groestlcoin that might explain price rise

Disclaimer: After doing some research, I own a small amount of Groestlcoin and no Vertcoin (I rkn VTC is overvalued currently). Might buy some VTC after it corrects. Here's why...
Original text: Posted by posted [–]jackielove4u 4 days ago
Our selling points are:
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Import for free clams? But...

... my wallets aren't in wallet.dat format, they got imported in to Multibit. Any suggestions?
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New user-friendly multi-currency wallet is almost there and needs your help!

Dear community,
We are excited to share the news that many of you have been awaiting for a long time.
I represent a team of entrepreneurs, who have been working on this exciting project during the last 6 months.
Meet HolyTransaction!
It’s a hosted wallet designed for nontechnical users with ultimate goal of supporting all cryptocurrencies.
YES, you’ve got it right, it’s a CoinBase and BitPay for PEERCOIN in one place!
We believe that this project will significantly speed up the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world.
As you can see on our website, the wallet is pretty much finished. However, to scale well, the project still requires some engineering and legal work.
We’re planning to launch beta within couple of weeks. Fiat currency deposits will be added within a month.
Donation Addresses:
Peercoin (PPC): PBdBoPyfYPyegQwmxPPNr5bHrAcd4mvBU1
Follow our twitter for updates: @noveltylab
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Just updated multibit. Has this fee always been here, and it's in addition to the normal tx fee, correct?

Just updated multibit. Has this fee always been here, and it's in addition to the normal tx fee, correct? submitted by electrodude102 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Как установит Bitcoin кошелек MultiBit 0.5.18 InfobitcoinCL - YouTube Bitcoin: Client-QT Wallet Update Version 0.11.0 How to Trade Bitcoin with CoreSpreads ☝ Carteira Bitcoin

MultiBit Crypto Option is a distinctive investment company offering our investors access to high-growth investment opportunities in Bitcoin markets and other services. We implement best practices of trading & mining of Bitcoins through our operations, while offering flexibility in our investment plans. Our company benefits from an extensive network of global clients. OUR MISSION; OUR ... MultiBit is a simple Bitcoin wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux based on BitcoinJ.Its main advantages over original Bitcoin client are the option of using multiple wallets at once and the lack of need to download several-gigabyte Blockchain (16.5GB as of April 2014).The project was founded by english developer Jim Burton. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system. We tested the best Ubuntu Bitcoin Clients for you (Multibit, Armory and Bitcoin-Qt). Here you'll find a short ... MultiBit was announced on September 12, 2011. See Also. Thin Client Security; External Links. MultiBit project website; GitHub repo; Google Group; YouTube channel with "getting started" screencast; How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet with MultiBit; References ↑ Die bekanntesten Bitcoin-Clients heißen Bitcoin Core, Armory, MultiBit, Electrum und Hive. 240. SHARES. Facebook Twitter. Über Bitcoin-Welt Wir lieben Bitcoin. Deshalb sehen wir es als unsere Aufgabe, Interessenten, Liebhaber, Enthusiasten und Fans von Bitcoin umfassend zu informieren. Hier finden Sie alles, was Sie zum Thema Bitcoin wissen müssen – und noch viel mehr. Bitcoins kaufen Wir ...

[index] [20684] [17166] [16815] [302] [38270] [43980] [49800] [41835] [50241] [40715]

Как установит Bitcoin кошелек MultiBit 0.5.18

Canal con información sobre bitcoin y otras cripto monedas. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music ... How to Trade Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple Trading the Crypto Currencies thru CoreSpreads. In this video we look into the cryptocurrencies that you can trade via CoreSpreads. Corespreads are a ... Подробное видео как становит Bitcoin кошелек MultiBit 0.5.18 на ПК Ссылка на ротатор кранов Bitcoin, где можно скачать ... How To Connect Two Routers On One Home Network Using A Lan Cable Stock Router Netgear/TP-Link - Duration: 33:19. Richard Lloyd Recommended for you Easy Bitcoin Electrum Wallet/Client tutorial for beginners. 2014. - Duration: 14:10. ... Download the Bitcoin Wallet (subtítulos en español) - Duration: 5:35. ...