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We kidnapped the rich kid from the toy review videos, and it went sideways.

We weren’t monsters. We weren’t planning on hurting the kid. We weren’t even going to ask for all that much. A hundred k. Split up, that would be more than a year’s salary for both Lenny and me.
Meanwhile, the kid was pulling in 20 mil a year, or so we had heard. So that would be like somebody asking two hundred dollars as a ransom for my kid, proportionally speaking. Not a large sum at all… nothing, really, when we’re talking about the kid’s life. Which, again, we weren’t really, because we never meant to harm him really.
But now… well, Lenny’s funeral is going to cost a lot more than two hundred dollars, but it’s only right that I help pay for it. Not that it’s going to be much of a funeral, without a body. But what was I supposed to do? Run around scooping up the scattered bits of him as I stuffed them into my bag? With those… things swarming all around? No, I did what anybody would do. I got the hell out of there and told a thousand lies about what had happened.
Now I’m going to tell you the truth.
We were at the bar on a Friday night, outside having a smoke, when we first started talking about it.
“Heard this story on the radio,” said Lenny. “About some damn YouTube kid who plays with toys or some shit. This little fucker makes twenty million fucking dollars a year just sitting around playing with toys or whatever on camera. Can you imagine that?”
“Oh yeah,” I said. “I’ve heard about that. I’ve seen the videos, too. Sam loves them. Pretty mindless, if you ask me.”
“That’s what I’m saying,” said Lenny, taking a drag. “Why does this kid get to make twenty mil just pretty much pulling his pud all day while we’re out here working our asses off every day just to put food on the table? There’s kids his age out in India or wherever crammed into sweatshops that could collapse at any moment making pennies a day.”
“That’s just the way of the world, my man,” I said. “Some guys get all the luck, some guys get all the shit. And to those guys in India, we’re the lucky millionaires.”
“Yeah, well I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of getting shit on. And luck’s for suckers. Damn fools buy lottery tickets. It’s the real winners who reach out and take their just deserts.”
I stifled a laugh. Lenny was a good guy, but when he got a little tipsy, he always got too big for his britches. “You thinking of starting your own toy review channel, Lenny?”
“No, man, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying what if… well, what if we broke in there and robbed him?”
Now I couldn’t hold it back. I laughed. “Robbed him? You want to go into his house and steal his Paw Patrol toys? Or what?”
“No you asshole… his money. He’s been at it for years. He’s got to have a hundred mil by now.”
I shook my head in amusement. “Where do you think he keeps it all? Under his bed? Come on, man. Everything’s digital now, especially with these YouTube guys. I’d be surprised if that kid’s ever seen a real dollar bill.”
Lenny frowned, throwing his cigarette butt to the ground. “I was just… kidding around, you know? You didn’t think I was serious, did you?” He turned around to go back into the bar, and I tried my best to hold in a full-on belly laugh, thinking about how absurd his plan had been – and I knew that it wasn’t a joke at all, he was really serious about it. And that’s when it hit me.
“Lenny… wait.
He turned to look at me, still frowning. “I told you I was just kidding around.”
“What if there is something valuable in that house?”
Two weeks later we had the kid’s house all mapped out, inside and out. I mean, all you had to do was watch the videos. We knew where the kid ate breakfast, and where he slept. We knew where his parents slept, and where his little sisters slept too. We knew what his yard looked like, and where the back door was. We drew it all out, and worked on the plan.
“100% chance they got a security system,” said Lenny.
“So we get in while the system’s disarmed, and they’re distracted.”
“We wait til they go out the front to shoot a video there….”
“…and we go in the back,” I finished.
We spent the next week working out the details, gathering up what we needed. We told our families that we were going on a fishing trip at a lake near the mountains. We had six days to make it work. We would stake the house out, and wait for our moment. Then: in through the back door and down to the basement, to hide until everyone was asleep.
Lenny’s cousin had access to some pretty potent tranquilizers, which we’d shoot the kid up with when he started to wake up. Then we’d head right out the front door with him. This would trigger the alarm, so we had to be fast as hell, but we also had to park far enough away so that we’d be out of sight of any surveillance cameras around the house.
We’d call the parents from a burner phone, and arrange for a Bitcoin transfer. Then we’d drop the kid off at a park or something and let them know where he was, once the transfer went through.
It was a gamble, but we were confident. That family wouldn’t miss the $100k, and the kid would be conked out through it all. It would suck for them, but they’d get over it. And nobody was going to get hurt.
It took four days of staking the place out for our moment to come.
On the second day, they went out front to shoot a video, but when we tried the back door, it was locked.
Fuck,” whispered Lenny.
We crept back across the yard and over the fence to our positions. We weren’t master burglars or anything. We had to wait until that door was unlocked and they were distracted enough for us to enter.
On the fourth day, they went out back, filming the kid bouncing on a trampoline for a while. Then they went back inside.
“I don’t think they locked the door,” I said. “They were still recording on the way in.”
“Yeah, but how are we gonna get in with them right there?”
A minute later, I nudged Lenny and pointed up to a second floor window… the kid’s bedroom. We could see the dad in there, with his back to the window.
“I think this is our best shot, man,” I said. “It’s now or never.”
“Shit,” said Lenny, looking a little pale. I knew how he felt. “Are they all up there?”
“I don’t know” I said, “but if we’re going to do this, we do it now. It’s not too late to back out though.”
Lenny started muttering to himself. That worried me. But then he slapped himself in the face and said, “Let’s do this.”
We hopped the fence and slithered through the yard, like man-sized snakes, dressed all in black, from our boots to our ski masks. Then we were at the door. I took a deep breath and tried it. It slid open.
We entered, my heart banging away like crazy, and made a bee line for the basement. When we were almost there, I looked over and saw a little kid on the living room floor, playing with blocks. She was young, two years old at most. She looked up at me. I put my finger to my exposed lips, shushing her. Then I opened the basement door, and Lenny and I walked down the steps, carefully, as though walking on glass.
When we got to the basement floor, Lenny tore his mask off. His face was drenched in sweat. “Shit!” he said. “That little girl saw us. We’re fucked.”
I peeled my mask of as well. “Calm down,” I said, as much to Lenny as to myself. I looked around. “There,” I said. “Bring that ladder over to that window.” I pointed to one of the tiny windows that was letting some light in. “The second we hear any kind of commotion, like they’re on to us, we smash that window and make a break for it. But I think we’re okay. I don’t think she’s old enough to communicate what she saw, or even know it was wrong.”
“Yeah,” said Lenny, “good thinking.” But I could tell that neither of us was convinced.
After about an hour of pacing around silently, thinking the worst thoughts, we started to calm down a little bit. “I think we’re okay,” I said.
“Look at all these fucking toys down here,” said Lenny.
The walls were lined with shelves and shelves of toys, many of them still in their packaging. “It’s still not too late,” I said. “Some of these are worth a hundred bucks a pop. We could load up what we can, and get the hell out of here. Probably make off with a grand worth of shit between us.”
Lenny groaned. “That won’t even cover expenses.”
He was right, but the longer I spent in that basement, the more I started to feel how wrong what we were about to do was. Sure, it was true that the money was trivial to them, and that we had planned it out so that nobody would be hurt. But I’ll be damned if it didn’t feel just straight up wrong, while we paced the basement of someone else’s house, waiting for the kid to go to sleep.
“Too late for second guessing,” said Lenny. “We’re here. We’re each out a thousand if this doesn’t go through. Do you have some kind of inheritance you haven’t told me about? Because if you don’t, then I know you’re just as fucked as me if you go pissing a grand down the toilet.”
He was right about that, too. We had our household budget cut to the bone already, what with Sam’s treatments sucking away whatever money we could have spared before… and then some.
You’re doing this for a good reason, I told myself. For your boy. It’s a wrong thing to do, but for the right reason. That will have to be good enough.
We waited until midnight, and then made our way, slowly, up the basement steps. I hoped that we were being quiet, but it was hard to tell. My senses seemed distorted. Each of my own breaths seemed to sound like a hurricane whipping through the house.
Lenny opened the basement door, and I saw the front entrance to the house there across the room. I wanted to run to it… run out of it, into the night. Then I thought of Sam, lying in his bed, wheezing, and I shook the thought away. It was too late to go back. We were in it.
We crept up the main stairwell. The kid’s room was the second door on the right. When we got to the top, Lenny stopped and got down on the floor, looking for signs of light peeking out from under the doors. There were none.
Lenny stood up and grasped the knob to the kid’s room. He swung it slowly open, and stopped when it made a slight creak. I held my breath, but nothing happened. Lenny opened the door the rest of the way and we stepped in.
The kid was there in his bed. I could see the covers moving up and down as he breathed heavily in sleep, lit up, just barely, by the moonlight that filtered through the curtains of his window.
It was Lenny’s job to tape the gag in his mouth. It was my job to inject him with the tranquilizer when he woke up. Lenny shot me a look and I nodded slowly, not even meaning to. It was like I was no longer in control of things. It was up to The Plan now. The part of me that could still think only hoped that The Plan was a good one.
Lenny worked the rag into the kid’s mouth, and his eyes started to flutter open. I jabbed the needle into his neck and pushed the plunger down. Then the kid’s eyes closed again.
The Plan said that I was to carry the kid down the stairs and to the front door. Then I’d hand him off to Lenny, who would be fresh with strength, and open the door. Then we’d run like hell.
I gave Lenny the bag and lifted the limp kid over my shoulder. I was so full of adrenalin that it felt like he was completely weightless. For the first time that day, I felt like The Plan would work. We were going to make it. What that meant was up to God to decide. All I could to do was follow The Plan and pray we weren’t judged too harshly.
I left the room and walked back down the hall, the kid draped over my shoulder, with Lenny a step behind me. I stepped carefully down the stairs and through the living room, and then we were face-to-face with the front door. I turned to Lenny and saw him nod. Just as I was handing the kid off, I heard it:
Lenny let go of the kid, who slumped down to the floor with a soft thud.
“Be careful!” I whispered. “You’re going to hurt him!”
“What the fuck was that?” asked Lenny, too loud, looking around. “Who said that?!”
“It was probably the sister,” I whispered. “Keep your voice down, pick up the kid, and let’s get the hell out of here!”
“I see you!” said the tiny, high-pitched voice from the darkness.
“Who’s there?” said Lenny, now way too loud.
“Lenny,” I hissed, “pick up that fucking kid and let’s go!”
Then Lenny started laughing.
“What’s wrong with you?” I demanded, noticing that I was also being too loud.
“Look!” said Lenny, pointing.
At first, all I could see were two red dots in the darkness, blinking in and out. But as my eyes adjusted, I saw it. It was this blue fuzzy thing with a big red nose, like a Muppet or something, sitting a few feet away from us on the floor. That was the thing that was talking to us. A goddamn toy.
I laughed too. “Alright, come on, let’s get out of here, man.”
“We all see you!” said the blue fuzzy toy.
At once, I heard a cacophony of strange sounds. It was like there was a sudden rainstorm inside that room, and then a volley of scraping noises, coming from all around. Then Lenny was screaming. Before I could get a good look at what was happening, he seemed to fall down, and it was like he was being dragged away.
I looked at the front door. I looked down at the unconscious millionaire kid that we had come there to kidnap. I tried to look into the darkness that Lenny had been dragged away into, but I couldn’t see anything. Then I felt a sharp pain in my leg.
I didn’t know what else to do. I was terrified. Lenny was screaming non-stop. He was definitely going to wake everybody up. Before I left him there, I had to know why. I flicked on the light switch.
What I saw didn’t make sense. Lenny was covered, from head to toe, in… toys. There were Paw Patrol figurines, and PJ Mask figurines, and hundreds of others that I didn’t recognize. They were tearing into him, as he screamed and his blood splashed over everything. I watched in horror as one of his fingers flew through the air, with a Lego man riding on top of it.
I felt another sting in my leg and looked down to see one of the Star War guys stabbing me with a tiny lightsaber.
In a matter of seconds, Lenny’s screams turned to gurgling sounds, and then stopped completely. A moment later, his head was being carried away from the rest of what remained of his body. And not much recognizable remained. Those things had begun to pull out his colon, tearing it apart and yanking it in different directions. They had already stripped most of the skin from his body, leaving a glistening and sickening mess of fat and muscle and bone.
That was all I needed. I swung the front door open and started running, trying to swat the Star Wars guy off of my leg as the security alarm began blaring behind me. I got him off, but immediately felt a pain in the back of my neck. I grabbed at it as I ran, and when I pulled away my hand and looked at it, I saw that there was another Lego guy there, jamming a spear into my palm.
I felt dizzy, but I ran. I ran like my life depended on it. It did. I tossed the Lego guy into the darkness just as I reached our rental car. I got in and gunned it out of there.
I told everybody that Lenny had one too many and fell off the boat and into the lake. I made the call as soon as I was back at the cabin that we’d rented.
They all believed me. And it wasn’t like in the movies, where they dredge the lake to get the body. I was afraid of that. But no. Why go through all that trouble for every drunk that sinks down to the bottom? Makes me wonder how many dead bodies there are, down there, nothing but fish food.
Still, that’s a better way to go than the way that Lenny actually went. I’ll sometimes start to doubt that it actually happened, and then all at once it will hit me… the vision of those toys tearing through his flesh like it was nothing… like it’s all happening again.
We weren’t monsters. We weren’t planning on hurting the kid. We weren’t even going to ask for all that much. And this is what we got.
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sharkT4nk dotonion

So I’m a 28 year old guy, and not exactly what most people would consider a normal one, thank god. No one, including any of my friends, knows just how deep that actually goes. Not even my best friend of 19 years, who I’m gonna call John, suspected a thing until it was too late. I’m gonna call myself Ghost for this, cause as far as any of you, or the feds for that matter, are concerned that’s all I am or ever will be. Every single thing I post as Gh0sT666 comes from a different IP address and its original location is completely untraceable, lol everything about Gh0sT666 is completely untraceable too for that matter. I learned the skills needed to do this kinda shit through years of using the dark web.
Its been 8 or 9 years now, and the dark web has been a blessing so to speak. I went from watching the same old shit on BestGore to getting to see some real shit, live videos in all of their glorious and grotesque carnage. Shit I hadn’t ever seen before. It was love at first site. I’m not gonna go into depth on how I found out about this place or any hacking technicals, or even what this beautiful place is called. If you have to ask you’ll never know. I love this place way too much to risk it being compromised. Besides, we already have plenty of active patrons.
My first experience with what I’m gonna call SharkT4nk for the purpose of writing this was when I was around 19 or 20 or some shit. It was extremely hard to get into and took hours of coding work (now ive gotten it down to just the press of a button and a randomized 26 character password, including letters like æ œ ø and ß so even if the feds do manage to find me, good luck guessing it ;) ) to access, but the second I heard that first scream I was sold. The page had a chat room on the right side of the screen, grey background, neon green text, and a loading video player taking up the rest of the screen.
You could drag the chat box around wherever you want, and there was a control panel under it that listed off camera numbers and tip amounts. The video was taking time to load, still stuck on the same frame as when it appeared, the sound was coming through though. The sound of a power tool of some kind was dominating most of the audio but there was a super high pitched scream along with it. Finally, after what felt like 10 minutes, the video loaded and I saw it. The most beautiful piece of throbbing erection inducing gore I had ever seen. I can still remember it perfectly to this day.
There was a large dark room, all you could see from the fluorescent light held up over the scene was a metal table with a girl strapped to it and a men next to her. There was what looked to be a tarp or plastic wrap or something all over the floor, and a small surgical table with the tools of the trade that id come to know so well placed on it. You could just barely see the shadowy outline of a forklift in the background. The girl was held down to the metal table with what looked like leather straps that were probably once white, now caked with deep reddish brown stains with bright red blood splattered on top, reflecting the light from the fluorescent bulb about 5 or 6 feet above.
The man standing next to her was wearing a dark sweatshirt with a brownish red stained leather smock over it, dark pants, and a guy fawkes mask soaked with blood. The power tool I had heard was a sawzall, it wasn’t being used anymore unfortunately, but you could clearly tell what had been done with it. The bicep on this 20 something year old girls left arm was hanging off the bone, and the man in the guy fawkes mask was grabbing and squeezing and pulling at her torn bicep, all the while the girl on the table was screaming and sobbing the beautiful harmonies of agony. In a frenzy of dialed in, unadulterated sexual energy I unzipped my pants and began pleasuring myself, very careful not to finish too soon without seeing what happened next. I noticed the chat box had filled up with new requests, some of the user names having a gold star next to them and a bitcoin tip next to the requests. I scroll back and see one with a gold star and a tip of around 250 usd worth of bitcoin.
“Cut the muscle off of its arm with a hack saw”
I scroll down to the bottom and see the most recent starred request with a $500 tip. “cut the connective tissue in its jaw, clamp its head and neck down to the table, and rip its jaw off with the forklift”
Need I describe the mess I had to clean up off the back of my laptop?
I later learned that those gold stars next to their ambiguous user names were to show that they were one of that particular videos sponsors, and they had helped pay the fee for the kidnapping of the person in the video (we call them livestock) and the materials to be used in it. for a price that varied based on their original contribution, they could choose what happens next to the Livestock. Well needless to say my friends, I quickly learned that I wanted to be at the top of that list of sponsors on every video that I could be. The thrill of just watching something this beautifully macabre, so blissfully dark, so magically grotesque, wasn’t enough. I knew I needed more control than id get by being just another one of the plebs that were just watching.
01110111 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111
Me and john had been really close ever since we were kids. We were the only ones in our town that were into comic books, sci fi, and fantasy and shit, so we naturally gravitated towards each other. I had a couple family members that I liked, which was was nice. Unfortunately john never did, his older brother hated him for some reason, and most of his family were shitty to him. He didn’t like to talk about that stuff though.
We were both pretty small growing up, and never exactly all that brave, but one time we were down by the pond in our town and there were a couple older kids picking on us, and one of them threw my bike in the pond and pushed me down. John picked up the biggest rock he could throw and lobbed it straight at the kids head, busting him open and actually making him cry. They ran off pretty quick after that. John picked me up and I nodded my thanks. He said “you know you’re the closest thing I have to family, I got you bro”. It meant a lot considering he never spoke about family related stuff.
01110111 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111
I started sponsoring feeds on Shark_T4nk a couple years after finding it. I had a pretty well paying job at the time working as a coder for a tech company, as well as a bit of credit card fraud on the side, so I had plenty to spare. just watching was starting to get boring. The hours spent at that job felt like a horrible waste of time, but I knew I needed to grind through it to be able to afford to keep sponsoring Feeds. At this point I was just a base level contributor, I donated 750 usd to the funding pool which gave me rights to place low priority bids on what happens to the livestock and got me a silver star.
I did this for around a year, until I got a promotion and started making enough that I could finally spend more, much much more towards my now fully engulfing addiction. For around 1500 I got a gold star, top priority bids and access to a pov camera attached to the handlers (the guy doing the actual torturing) mask. For 2500 you got a green star, top bidding, pov cam, you get to choose some of the materials and tools used, and you can buy souvenirs taken from the victim (usually articles of clothing, personal belongings, sometimes teeth or skull fragments, even cuts of meat if you so desired and wanted to Fork up the cash for it, if you’ll excuse my pun) mailed to a P.O. box of your choosing. Those were the main levels that everyone bought into, but I wanted more.
The top level of sponsorship was extremely rare, ive watched almost every feed for the past couple years at this point and I had never seen one. Not once. It cost 15000 usd and with that you get the works, you get all the perks of the green star except you now have a purple star, you can choose all of the materials and tools used, what happens and when it happens, whether the video is private or for the whole group (private is an extra 5000), and best of all seeing you’re the only contributor you get to choose the Livestock. You can choose anyone you want, excluding public officials.
For the base level 15k purple star you can choose from their current lineup of livestock, you can see their stories, screen shots of their facebook pages with all of their friends and family members posts saying “we miss you” “we love you” and all that gushy shit. For 30,000 it can be anyone in the US. For 40,000 anyone in north America. For 100,000 anyone in the world. Apparently public officials can be chosen too, but those prices range from a million to 20 billion and costs 5,000 to 25,000 to even watch it and is reserved for VIP purple stars only (4 time purple sponsor).
01110111 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111
As me and john got older we started gravitating more towards the world of drugs and music. Wed go to festivals in the summer and take ecstasy and acid and have a blast, and in the winter we’d do coke and and ketamine in my room listening to music on my dads record player. We never really had “problems” with drugs, we just enjoyed them. I was always kind of like a kid brother to john, even though he was only a couple years older than me, so he was a bit awkward about introducing me to the stuff at first, but I eventually talked him into it, and god damn am I glad he did.
To this day some of my best memories were of me and him rolling our faces off walking around outside in the rain with no shoes on; and seeing massive geometric patterns in the night sky on acid thinking we were talking to god, talking about the meaning of life and all of our deepest passions and fears. At this point we were without a doubt as thick as blood, we knew each other inside and out, but more importantly we trusted each other and that’s hard to come by in this life.
01110111 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111
The first time I got to see a purple star next to my name was glorious. I decided to keep the video private, in celebration of my first time holding the reins. I chose this 30 year old French man from their stock, who was acquired thanks to its lack of knowledge on protecting its identity while browsing the Dark Web. The only tools and materials I picked were pliers, a kitchen knife, a ball peen hammer, and a drum of hydrochloric acid. First I had the handler grab the livestocks bottom lip and pull it down till it bled profusely, almost ripping it from its face, and smash its teeth in with the ball side of the hammer. The sound of his teeth breaking, like shattering plastc or ceramic, and his whimpering scream made me quiver with pure ecstasy (which I had taken a lot of 30 minutes prior to starting the Feed, obviously got it from john). As the .4 of pure MDMA that I took was just rushing in and my teeth started to grind I told the handler to crush his left testicle with the pliers.
He had a rough time of it too, it kept popping out from in between the jaws of the pliers. I had to settle for him holding it in place with his hand, blocking most of the good stuff from my view. At least I could still hear the scream and the squish. The Feed went on for another couple hours and it climaxed, around the same time and the same fashion as I did (for the third time), in a sticky puddle. The handler funneled acid down the livestocks throat, melting it from the inside out, along with part of the table. The sizzling, bubbling, gurgling sounds are still embedded in my memory, and still arouse me to this day.
Once every six months I would fully fund a Feed, usually just going for the pre caught livestock, but after a while even that got boring. I needed something better. More personal. I decided to spend the 30 grand on something special.
01110111 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111
I had been hanging out with my friend John quite a bit in recent weeks, and when we weren’t hanging out we were texting each other almost constantly. one day he stopped replying to my texts entirely. I went to his house later that night and knocked, and his mom answered the door. “hello Mrs Doe!” I said to her, “is john here?”. “No, he isn’t hun, I just got home, haven’t seen him all day” she said with a polite smile. This wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary for him, john was still living with his parents technically but he spent most of his time away from the house hanging out with people, getting drunk and doing coke.

“Im sorry mrs doe, but could I run up to johns room for a second? I think I left my phone charger up there last night.”. “Of course dear, just make sure you take off your shoes before going up” after all these years she still reminded me to take my shoes off when I come in the house. She was a nice lady, a bit too much so, at least when people were watching. She spoiled the shit out of John growing up, that’s why he’s still living at his moms house, which she must deeply regret seeing how she treats him now.
I took my shoes off at the door, ran up the stairs and around the corner, opened the door to his room and shut it behind me. Looking around as quickly as I could, searching through mountains of trash and piles of comics and records, I found what I was looking for under the sheet next to his pillow. He had kept a journal ever since he was a kid, It was a small notebook with a light blue cover with a couple of fresh blood drops on it and a couple hundred pages of lined paper. I doubt he knew I, or anyone for that matter, knew about that book. What can I say? I get nosey when im fucked up. I tucked it under my shirt, pulled his phone charger out of the wall socket and headed back down stairs. “thanks Mrs Doe! Have a good night!” I said cheerily as I walked out the door and back to my car.
When I got home I opened the notebook up to the most recent page and turned back a few pages until I found what I was looking for
01110111 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111
After reading the notebook I opened my laptop, set up all of my security (which takes about 5 minutes) and logged onto Shark_T4nk. I already received my conformation. this brought a smile to my face, I knew that the fun part was just around the corner. I felt like a teenager rushing home to watch porn.
I replied to the conformation with my conformation code
“Package secure” said one of the gold crowns (admins)
“Question. I’ve been a purple star for 4 years now. You know I’m not a narc or a casual, I’ve spent hundreds of thousands here. Is there any way I could do it myself this time? I would pay literally anything and go literally anywhere.”
20 minutes went by.
“Get a secured burner phone and text this number with your confirmation code. You will receive a location pin. Be there on February 24 at 2:00 am. Not a second later. Park at least a mile away and walk the rest of the way. The cost will be 1mil” he messaged back, along with a number.
When you reach VIP purple star status after 4 purple level sponsorships you receive and code, a string of sixteen random words in different languages, some letters replaced by numbers, some by symbols. I sent that code and the reply was almost instant, I clicked the link and it brought me to that phones map app. It was a 16 hour drive into the next state over. I knew it would be well worth every second and droplet of gas it took. Now I just had to wait 6 days, and let me tell you, they dragged by slower than a spoiled little kids week before Christmas.
I could barely contain myself that whole week, everyone at work was asking me what I was so excited about, I kept having to say I was going on vacation to Aruba for a few days and ended up getting the whole week off. John never came home the day I grabbed his notebook, My friends started asking if I had seen him. I hadn’t.
Eventually the week of waiting came to pass and it was time to hit the road. I was practically shaking too bad to drive, but I tried to contain myself. I felt like I was on a small dose of molly, but a bit more anxious. Not in the scared sense, in the excited sense. The 16 hours of driving went by surprisingly fast, I only stopped twice, once to piss and once to eat. I don’t remember cheap fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy ever tasting so good.
Finally, around 1:35, I got to the town I was meeting them at. it was a dark, empty town with not too much in it. I parked in a free parking lot next to a small movie theater. Walked down the road past the police station and the fire station, past a fast food place, and took a left past a convenience store and a video game store down a dark unlit road that led out towards the woods just outside if town. The road continued until the lights from town were all but invisible, after several minutes of walking (no small feet for a hacker that sits in front of a computer all day) I got to a small improvised parking area that was dug out from years of teenagers slamming their parents cars into park to go smoke weed in the woods. This is where the map was bringing me. I had to use the burner phones flashlight to see where I was going. I checked the phone to see what time it was, 1:59, perfect.
Sure enough, at precisely 2am, a small black van came driving down the road, going just about the speed limit. It pulled just past me, and the two back doors opened. A large dark figure wearing a guy fawkes mask jumped out of the back of the van, and before I had the time to react he was putting a black cloth bag over my head. I was definitely scared but I tried to contain it, I knew it would probably have to be something like this, they wouldn’t just come pick me up without taking precautions. When we were in the back of the surprisingly spacious van, he said in a highly modulated voice “do you have any electronics on you? Phone? Ipod?” “yeah, just the burner phone” I replied as the van started moving. “is it untraceable back to you?” “of course” I said, trying to not sound too cocky.
He told me to give him the phone and that he was going to strip search me for wires or bugs of any kind, and I agreed. He took all of my clothes off, careful not to remove the black bag and I sat down, completely naked except for the mask. I could hear him thoroughly patting all of my clothes down. He must’ve been content, cause I heard him open a lockbox under his seat and put everything except for the phone in, taking out a bag with new clothes, and a mask for me. I clumsily put on everything he gave me, it was all a bit small for me but I wasn’t about to complain. When I felt the mask in my hands I was filled with an exhilarating excitement and almost started quivering violently.
I heard him unscrew the lid of a container which sounded like it had liquid in it. He gently placed something down in it and screwed the cap back on right as it started to quietly sizzle. “you lose the phone, you’ll get your clothes back when we return.” The modulated voice said. I heard him pull something out of his pocket, and unscrewed the cap off a different bottle, tipped the bottle over, apparently soaking the handkerchief or rag he had, and placed the rag over my face. I felt myself being dragged down into a deep pit of sleep.
I’m not sure how long I was out, or how long the rest of the drive was, but I was sure about the headache I had. It was one of the worst I had ever experienced. When I woke up I was in a dark room in a warehouse, seated on a couch. Well, less seated than laid the fuck out. The bag was gone, but the dark masked figures weren’t. Three of them were now standing as tall as trees in front of me, arms crossed, the sound of their breath reverberating off the inside of the plastic masks filling my ears. I could see they had modulators strapped around their throats like shock collars.
One of them reached a hand out to me, and I was about to take it thinking he was trying to help me up, but he lowered his hand and showed me that he had two pills for me. “chew and swallow. They're for the headache,” the distorted voice said “let us know when you’re ready to start.”. As apprehensive as I was about taking two random pills from people like this, at a place like this, I decided to just take them. I had come this far, and plus, im a huge contributor, why would they fuck themselves out of a probable future fortune. Two of the three figures walked out the door to the left of where I was sitting, and the other looked back at me through his mask, held the door open, waved me through, and cocked his head to the side.
I got up off the couch, and started to walk up when he said “Mask.”. I looked around to room, and back at the couch, it was laying there next to where I just was. I grabbed it, and donned the fabled Shark_T4nk mask, in all of its harrowing glory. This is when I could feel the true weight and intensity in the air, eluding to the magic of what was about to happen. This really is a beautiful life isnt it?
01110111 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111
The last time I saw john before he disappeared was two days prior. We got some breakfast, drove around and smoked weed. To be honest that day wasn’t too different than any of the other times we hung out. He commented on my excited behavior, and asked what was up. I could barely suppress the keen, knowing glint in my eye. I just shrugged it off and told him I’ve been feeling really good lately. Like a changed man. I hadn’t thought of the vacation excuse yet, and even if I did I wouldn’t have told it to him. We tell each other basically everything with almost no exceptions, he would definitely think its suspicious that I planned a trip without telling him.
He kept looking at me with slightly concerned eyes, and it just made me beam even harder. I couldn’t control it, I was overflowing with excitement and anticipation. I could tell he was a bit weirded out cause we ended up cutting our day short and going our separate ways for the evening, which was fine with me, I wasn’t sure how much longer I’d be able to keep the tiny bit of a poker face I still had up.
01110111 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111
After walking through the door, me and the three looming dark figures were walking through a much larger room in the warehouse. There were what looked to be large dog cages with shadowy unseen contents stacked up on top of each other arranged in long aisles. The room reeked of a long used and poorly cleaned animal barn. I was, being one if their top contributors at the time, very well trusted by them. At least in a business sense. They were showing me the livestock they had available.
They were telling me that they were willing to add on another Feed or two for 40% off. The viewers would have loved to see someone new handling the livestock. I said I would let them know when we were done with the one I paid for. They did have some really good ones in stock right now too. There was this young girl, couldn’t be older than 18 or 19, red hair, pale skin, skinny. Her small-medium sized tits were dirty brown, and the smell of her was horrific. She must have been a fairly new acquisition because she still had fire in her eyes and fight left in her. The rest didn’t, and were a lot more docile. The hopelessness shining through their empty gazes as dark as night.
Amidst her screams of “LET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” and “WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DID I DO??” the others just sat silently. The sound of her terrified and furious voice started to make my dick chub up. I looked around at the rest of what this toy store of forbidden delights had to offer. Cold, dead, and zoned out eyes trained on their food dishes like starving dogs in a neglectful house, as far as the eye could see. I turned to one of my companions on this walk around the supermarket of delicious delicacies and said “I'm ready”.
Me and one of the handlers walked towards a different door, one I hadn’t even noticed through the excitement of seeing all of the wonders this place contained. This door led to what looked like a garage, filled with all kinds of tools and blood stained pain implements. There were vice grips, clamps, chains, barbed wire, bolt cutters, sledgehammers, all kinds of knives and swords, even a weed wacker and so, so much more. The possibilities were as endless as my lust. It was so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. The first my eyes had felt in a long, long time. I picked out my favorites, and asked the handler in a voice probably more akin to a kid asking his dad how many toys he can bring to his friends house than a man about to torture and kill his first person. “can I come back and choose new stuff if I get bored of these?” the man nodded.
I couldn’t see his smirk but I could certainly feel it, I felt a bit awkward about that not gonna lie. I told myself to act a little more scary and mean while I was in the Feeding room.
As we were heading to the next room, he stopped me dead in my tracks with a big beefy hand on my shoulder. He had a modulator in his other hand and strapped it around my neck like a father tying his sons tie for his first school dance (or at least that’s how it felt to me) and waves me to walk through the door. And there I was, after all these years spent wishing I could be here in person, after all of this time waiting and planning, and reveling in the thought of the glory ahead, finally I was here. The Feeding room.
Walking through the spacious dark room towards the metal table with a man strapped to it, I was now filled with a kind of focused aggression. The ominous sound of the buzzing flourescent light that I had heard in the beginning of so many Feeds flipped a switch in my mind. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, my heart was pounding, adrenaline pumping, not even a trace of second thought. I was all in on this, and loving every sweet, sweet second of it.
The man that was strapped to the table was just starting to come to, the chloroform they have probably been keeping him under with clearly wearing off. The metal table was angled up, so the man was almost standing straight up, and we were coming in from behind it. You could hear him starting to struggle a little bit as he realized he was strapped to a metal table, naked and alone. It wouldn’t be long now until he truly grasped his fate. Coming up to the table now, I turned to face him, the man that walked me in still pushing the cart with the tools I chose for this task. I could now see the man of the hour, ( hopefully more like several hours) the one everyone had been asking me about for the past week. Jesus did he look skinnier than I’d ever seen him, apparently the don’t feed their guests here too well. John was standing there, completely naked strapped to the table, fear embedded in his eyes.
The only thing I could think to say was “I always knew you had a small dick”. “who the fuck are you, you piece of shit?” he stammered. I just stood there silently, and could now feel my pulse in my throat and head, euphoria coursing through my veins. “All in due time.” I said to him through the modulator. Turning to the handler I had watched in so many videos over the past several years I said “are we ready to start? Cameras off and everything?”. He gave one silent nod. I smiled under my mask, and reached over to the table that was just out of johns site, the handler lowering the table. My hand came back into johns view holding a pickaxe, and he really started struggling now. “woah what the fuck? Dude stop” I chuckled as I stabbed it through the bottom of his foot. He screamed “please what the fuck I don’t know what I did but I’m sorry! Please PLEEASE can we just talk about this?”. He pissed himself, and by himself I mean all over the table, almost getting it all over me. “well that wasn’t very nice of you,” I said “lets see if we can make sure that wont happen again.”
Walking all the way around the table, nice and slow, strutting, almost dancing, plucking the pick axe that was still stuck into his foot with my finger with every step. His head followed my every movement, occasionally letting out a whimper or a scream as I plucked away at the axe. I pulled a knife off the table, as well as a small propane blow torch. “woah dude wait what the fuck man? Please dude please fucking stop please I don’t even know what I did” the last word more of a sob than a plead. he sounded like a little kid being put in the corner when he wanted to be playing with his friends. It was a tone I had never heard out of him before.
I gently place the knife at the base of his dick, and grabbed the rest of it. He was really squirming and screaming now. With a slow intensity, I sliced off his penis, millimeter by millimeter, and he let out some of the most sexually gratifying screams I had ever heard in my life. I laughed, put his penis down on the table next to him and picked up the torch. He was crying a weak, broken, and desperate cry now. As I turned on the gas and lit the flame I said “well we can’t have you bleeding out just yet, now can we?”. As i cauterized his nub he screamed louder and louder, I was getting sick of his melodrama. Everyone screamed, yeah, but usually they had given up hope by this point. I had to figure something out to stop that.
I walked over to the table and looked around, eventually finding something that might do the trick. It was a handle for a tapping drill, the bits used to thread holes so you can tighten screws into them. I grabbed that and some adjustable straps, and walked back over to his now amputated dick. Picking up the flaccid and pale penis I put it in between the jaws of the tap handle and tighten the jaws down on it. He let out a desperate whine as he watched, and looked the other way, seeming more and more defeated by the second. Once the jaws were sufficiently tightened around it, I looped one end of the strap around the handle of the tool, walked over to him, forced the dick in his mouth as well as the squared center of tap handle itself, stretching his jaw wider that it had probably ever been stretched. I secured the other end of the strap and began tightening it. His eyes went cold, still weakly sobbing. He finally truly grasped the depravity he was about to suffer.
A few hours went by like this, and my friend was barely recognizable anymore. Skin and muscle hanging off broken bones, mangled and amputated body parts like fingers and toes and a foot laying on the table and the floor, discarded like the snack wrappers john had strewn all over his room. He was going to bleed out soon and all three of us knew it. So I raised the table back up into a standing position, grabbing the knife I had used earlier to remove his genitals while I did it. You could tell he would have been too weak to hold himself up, but the strap that had been secured to his forehead had made sure his head stayed in place.
After removing the makeshift ball gag, I slowly lifted my mask from my face, took of the modulator, and dropped them both on the floor. I could tell he thought he was hallucinating. “hello john,” I said with my normal voice “nice to see you again.” He began to cry. “w…. Why?” He cried weakly. I just smiled, raising the knife to his strapped down head. As I began to cut off his face, he got quiet. Clearly too confused and betrayed by this situation to care what happened to him at this point.
Once it was fully removed from his skull, I move over to the table, and grabbed the final tool. The tool that would take his life. I walked back in front of this weakened, dying friend of mine holding the tool, wearing his face over mine like a mask, he was making eye contact, not that he had much choice due to his lack of eye lids. "goodbye john" I said with a smile. I raised the Kukri up, and swung it horizontally at his neck. Within two full chops and a final slice, his head was removed, and his life was over.
01110111 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111
The reason I told you this story is simple. I have gotten bored of watching, and at this point even participating in these Feeds. The thrills of the Feed alone aren’t even enough to make me cum weakly anymore. So I figured telling all of the fine people of reddit about my exploits could help that goal along. With the knowledge that people know exactly what I, and people like me are doing, regardless of whether or not you know me, and knowing you can do nothing to stop it, I will find the purest ecstacy.
Whether or not you believe in my story or about my existence, just know that there are thousands upon thousands of people just like me. We are everywhere. We are ghosts. If you don’t know one of us directly chances are you know someone that does. We could be your neighbor, a new acquaintance, a police officer in your town, your mayor, your best friend of 20 years, your brother, your father, or your sister. And by the time you realize you’ve chosen the wrong associations, before you even come close to getting a whiff of our stench of reality and death, the Feed will have already begun.
“I'm the fall of man
Giving birth to sin
Your god knew my disguise
And still allowed me in
I am a slave to pain
Without a chance of peace or love
But I'd rather reign below
than be a servant up above”
– Reckless “Judas Iscariot”
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Not bad for a first session [Dračí Doupě - Czech DnD clone]

Me and friends want to try DnD
Not sold here, don't want to to ship from half the world away, setttle for next best thing - Dračí Doupě (translates to Dragon's Lair) - a Czech clone based on the original and reportedly just as good.
Create characters.
Absolute suicide squad - insane dwarven warrior, racist elvish rogue, fat senile human wizard.
DM gets the show on the road.
Villagers see and hear strange stuff in nearby cavern, one of them goes there and gets dragged off by unknown creature. Villagers scared shitless, queen puts out a bounty for whoever finds and kills the mysterious creature.
Our tard squad rolls in.
Arrive to royal city at night, DM gives us a choice - pay for a room in tavern, sleep in tavern stable for free but likely get robbed, or camp outside city walls exposed to elements, wild animals and maybe even bandits.
Everyone is stingy as fuck, we stay outside.
Elf makes fire for warmth, goes "Fuck you untermensch, you make your own fire, I ain't sleeping next to your filthy non-elvish asses".
Insane dwarf has genius plan.
Makes fire underneath a nearby tree, climbs up the tree using rope, bundles up in a blanket on a branch directly above the fire and ties himself to the branch so that he doesn't fall off.
Wizard shrugs and decides to sleep on the tree as well.
DM decides to be a dick.
"The wind is blowing pretty hard tonight, the tree ends up catching on fire."
Elf doesn't help, because who cares about the untermensch.
Wizard gets choice - jump off the tree and save himself, or try to save the stupid fucking dwarf that tied himself to the tree.
Decides to help because he's a bro.
No sharp weapon or cutting tool to cut rope, instead decides to use magic to put fire out.
Rolls to cast gust of wind, just blow that shit out like a candle.
Fails, tree still on fire.
Dwarf rolls to break out of the ropes using strength.
Success, the swole dwarf warrior flexes his muscles and the rope ruptures.
Both jump down, dwarf is now safe but no longer has rope.
"You manage to save the blanket, though. I'm not that much of an asshole."
Gee, thanks, DM
"Where are you gonna sleep now? You don't have a fire and the elf is racist".
"Dude, the tree is still on fire, right?"
Wizard and dwarf sleep near the burning tree.
Morning, everyone is miraculously still alive.
Head for the castle in middle of town
Tard squad has arrived to kick ass and take souvenirs.
Queen takes one look at us, sighs and sends us on our way, fully expecting us to die there.
Tard squad marches out.
Arrive at cavern.
Things are quiet, nothing but mushrooms, spiders, scattered animal and perhaps human bones, typical cave things.
Hear weird animalistic sounds, decide to follow them.
Encounter first obstacle on our grand quest - a small ravine cutting off the tunnel.
Racist elf, being an athletic little shit, leaps over the ravine and goes "Fuck you, you figure this out on your own, untermensch"
Wizard and dwarf drop down to the bottom of 2 meter deep ravine, dwarf gives wizard a boost, wizard pulls dwarf up.
The quest continues.
Some spelunking later, reach a large room branching into 3 small corridors.
The floor is soft and muddy, in the middle of the room is an empty eggshell roughly the size of an ostrich egg.
Whatever it is, we're in it's nest.
While exploring the corridors (all are dead ends), we hear that strange noise again - it's close and getting even closer.
Everyone ducks down into one of the corridors, hiding in the darkness and preparing for battle.
A fucking wyvern strolls in.
It's not that large, and it's wings seem somewhat crippled, but come the fuck on, we've barely started playing!
Start deciding on a plan while the wyvern sniffs around the cave - it can smell we're here but it doesn't see us yet.
Elf decides to use the moment of surprise, as well as his agility and stealth, to sneak up on the wyvern and jump onto it's back to keep it distracted while we, the ones who are actually any good in battle, fuck it up.
Denied! Roll failed - elf gets smacked across the cavern by the wyvern's tail and breaks a rib or two, as well as becoming stunned.
Plan B - wizard will launch a fireball into the wyvern's face to stun it for a second while the dwarf charges into the beast with his big ass battleaxe.
Denied! Roll failed - the wizard's fireball misses.
Dwarf has no other choice but to attack wyvern anyway, hoping that the flaming ball of fury whizzing past it at least distracted it.
Denied! Roll failed - gets smacked aside as well, not injured because heavy armor but still stunned.
If you listen closely, you might still be able to hear DM laughing his ass off.
Wyvern tries to finish off dwarf, dwarf breaks out of daze and gets an extremely lucky roll - not only does he block the wyvern's bite by smacking it in the jaw with his battleaxe's haft, but he also managed to squeeze in a counterattack, swinging the axe and catching the creature's wing.
The wyvern staggers back, wounded and slightly stunned.
The elf chucks a throwing knife at the wyvern and misses.
The wizard tries to throw the beast even more off balance by conjuring a gust of wind, hoping to knock it down on the ground to make it vulnerable.
Roll fails, gust only gently shoves wyvern.
Once again, it's up to the crazy warrior dwarf - he charges at the wyvern with all his strength.
Wyvern leaps out of the way.
Wizard is pissed now, throws a powerful fireball at the wyvern.
Wyvern is hit in the neck and collapses, wounded and stunned.
Dwarf runs in, leaps into the air and brings down the axe on the wyvern's neck, cleanly decapitating it.
Victory is celebrated, fists are bumped, wyvern head is collected into a sack.
Dwarf (named Grabnar) decides to call himself Grabnar the Dragonslayer from now on. Everyone tells him it was a wyvern, not a dragon, but he doesn't care.
Suddenly hear strange whining sounds coming from behind a rock.
Turns out, there was a baby wyvern there this whole time. It was woken up by all this commotion, but obviously, we couldn't hear it through the sounds of battle.
Fuck it, we gon' keep this thing.
DM warns us that raising a wyvern would be a real fucking hassle, not to mention that it's a fucking wyvern for God's sake.
Okay, maybe we'll just present it to the queen and let her keep it if she wants it.
Try to approach baby wyvern.
Poor thing is terrified and snaps at us if we get close.
Try giving it some food.
It works!
Dwarf picks up smol wyvern (about the size of a larger dog, relatively easy to carry around).
Mission accomplished, let's go claim the reward and get drunk.
Reach the ravine, small complication here - wyvern is fucking heavy, how do we get this thing over the ravine.
Elf jumps over the ravine, dwarf throws the fucking wyvern at him (poor thing), wizard and dwarf get over the ravine the usual way.
Way back to city is uneventful.
Tard squad has returned.
Enter throne room, present severed wyvern head and smol wyvern.
Queen looks surprised, impressed, even.
She commends our valor and competence... and then calls the guards.
Turns out, she never had any intention of paying us the reward - she expected us to die there. And since that didn't happen, she's going to have to take care of it herself by sentencing us to death over some made up bullshit.
And she has the smol wyvern taken away to be killed, too.
Elf casts some kind of temporary mind control spell (didn't even know he could do that) and uses it to paralyze everyone long enough for him to run up to the queen and put a knife under her throat.
Everyone breaks out of daze and stares at whatever the fuck just happened.
Elf uses his speech ability to convince the guards to release everyone and fuck off under the threat of murdering the queen, then demands the promised reward.
Guards fuck off, Queen's servants bring a hefty sack of fantasy bitcoin.
Dwarf grabs smol wyvern, wizard grabs bitcoin, elf grabs queen and everyone hustles to the front gate.
Walk out into the courtyard, archers everywhere.
Elf tries using the hostage queen as leverage again, the speech roll fails.
"You don't have the balls to kill her lol"
Suddenly get an idea.
Elf has speech and a special ability called Pretend, while the wizard is a smart cookie and has a special ability called Brag.
Cook up a plan - those two are going to try to convince the archers that the smol wyvern is deadly. Elf can bullshit them using speech and Pretend, while the wizard can use his wisdom to spout some bullshit-but-legit-sounding facts while using Brag to embellish everything about wyverns.
It works, the archers are shitting their pants at the sight of our "tamed, trained death machine"
Stroll through the town with the soldiers at our heels and the dwarf holding out the poor, confused wyvern at everyone menacingly.
Reach the rear gate that leads towards the forest. Elf tells the soldiers to not even think about following us further, or the queen will die and the wyvern will fuck their shit up.
It works - the terrified and confused soldiers stay at the gates while we disappear into the forest.
Once we're under the cover of thick greenery, the Elf slits the Queen's throat (because seriously, fuck that bitch), pockets her crown (Ooh, shiny!) and everyone takes off running.
Soldiers start snapping at our heels again after a while, but we have a headstart and the soldiers can't ride their horses in the thick forest - they have to follow us on foot. Eventually, they give up.
Keep making our way through the forest until evening. Confident that we lost the soldiers, we settle down for the night.
Racist elf concedes to sleeping around the same fire with us this time.
Use rope to tie wyvern to tree and tie it's muzzle shut, just in case it tries biting through the ropes.
Wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of wyvern whining.
Even with it's muzzle tied, it's fucking loud and if anyone is still looking for us, they'll definitely find us if we don't shut this thing up.
Try feeding it, maybe it's hungry.
Nope, still making noise.
The smartass wizard suggests that maybe it misses it's mother as baby wyverns usually sleep under their mother's wings for warmth and safety.
Dwarf volunteers to pretend to be wyvern's mother.
Tries to snuggle up with smol wyvern under a blanket.
Wyvern calms down a bit, but then it suddenly freaks out and bites off part of dwarf's ear.
Dwarf shoots up, spewing obscenities in an ancient dwarven language nobody understands, which is probably for the best.
"Of course", says the smartass wizard, "you don't smell like it's mother. That's why it freaked out".
Dwarf gets another brilliant idea.
Pulls out bloodied sack that used to contain the head of the adult wyvern.
"This does smell like it's mother, doesn't it?"
"Oh well, might as well try"
Throw the sack over the wyvern like a blanket.
It works. Morbidly enough, being covered with a rag soaked with the blood of it's mother actually seems to comfort the wyvern.
With that out of the way, everyone settles down for the night.
Morning arrives.
Time to find the way out of this forest.
Turns out, the elf is not a forest elf but a hill elf. He doesn't know shit about navigating in a dense forest.
"Yes, there is a difference you assholes!"
Smartass wizard butts in.
"It's fine, we can easily determine which way is north just by looking at the moss. It always faces north."
Okay, guess we're going north.
Find a river.
"Let's follow the river. That's the easiest way to find our way out of the forest"
Damn, is this guy a wizard or a boy scout?
Find our way out of the forest, stumble upon a coastal town with a port.
Turns out, the news hasn't spread here yet - while we took it straight through the large forest, the messenger to warn the local guards against us has to go around it.
We buy some supplies (the elf, being an asshole, gave us only fractions of the reward and convinced us that's all we got while keeping the rest for himself) and get on the first boat headed towards the kingdom of Anywhere Fucking Else because at this point we're pretty much fugitive outlaws - we could be charged with treason, extortion, robbery, regicide and God knows what else.
Thus ends our story so far - on a lonely boat headed to God knows where. Honestly, I thinks it's impressive we managed to not kill each other or ourselves, let alone achieve something. And yet, here we are - we slew a wyvern, escaped the queen's ambush, kidnapped and murdered the queen and even got away with it.
I love this game so much.
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I think the Berlin Wall Principle will end up applying to Blockstream as well: (1) The Berlin Wall took *longer* than everyone expected to come tumbling down. (2) When it did finally come tumbling down, it happened *faster* than anyone expected (ie, in a matter of days) - and everyone was shocked.

Centralization is a double-edged sword.
So far, centralization (and intertia, and laziness, and caution) has been favoring Blockstream.
But if and when a congestion crisis comes, then the tide is gonna turn pretty quickly - and Blockstream's monopoly in terms of "code running on the network" is gonna evaporate quicker than anyone expected.
How will this happen?
Like this:
Bitcoin is going to go into a crisis - not just the current agonizing slow-motion swamp of centralized fascist governance, but a real-time honking red alert involving a clogged-up network, with people freaking out screaming from the rooftops that millions of dollars in transactions are in limbo due to some pointless fucked-up 1 MB "blocksize limit".
And at that point, people are going to get rid of the damn piece of broken cripple-code, immediately.
End of story.
Slow to crumble, fast to collapse
Up till now, the Bitcoin governance crisis has been like slowly sinking into a swamp of quicksand.
But once a real-time congestion crisis actually hits (and online forums become dominated by posts screaming "my transaction is stuck in limbo!!!"), then all the previous bullshit and bloviating from economic idiots about "fee markets" and "soft hard forks" or whatever other nonsense will be instantly forgotten.
And at that point, there will be only 2 things that can happen:
You don't need Blockstream - they need you
When push comes to shove, people are going to remember pretty damn quick that open-source code is easy to patch.
People are going to remember that you don't have to fly to meetings in Hong Kong or on some secret Caribbean island ... or post on Reddit for hours ... or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on devs ... in order to simply change a constant in your code from 1000000 to 2000000.
Eventually, we are going to remember what vote-with-your-CPU consensus looks like
Remember all those hours you wasted on reddit?
Remember all that time you wasted in some hidden downvoted sub-thread debating with some snarky little toxic troll who'd wandered over from a censored Milgram experiment forum full of brainwashed circlejerkers and foot-stomping fascists whose only adrenaline rush and power trip in life had evidently been when they would run around bloviating gibberish like "fee markets!" or "Austrian!" to the self-selected bunch of ignorant submissive sycophants who hadn't been banned from r\bitcoin yet?
Well, when the real crisis hits, all that trivial online drama isn't going to matter any more.
When the inevitable congestion crisis finally comes, it's only going to take a couple of mining pools plus a couple of exchanges to make a simple life-or-death business decision to un-install Blockstream's artificially crippled code and instead install code that has actually been upgraded to deal with the reality of mining and the marketplace - and then we're all going to see what actual vote-with-your-CPU consensus really looks like (instead of vote-with-your-sockpuppet pseudo-consensus on Reddit).
This upgraded code could be Classic, or Unlimited, or even a modded version Core - it doesn't really matter.
Code is code and money is money, and when push comes to shove, investors and miners aren't going to give a damn what some overpaid economic idiot from Blockstream said at some meeting in Hong Kong once, or what some fascist poisonous astroturfing shill-bot posted a million times on Reddit.
Things usually move slow in Bitcoin-land - except when they move fast
For an example of how fast the tide can turn, just look at a couple of major events from the past two days:
(1) Coinbase is suddenly saying that:
Of course the good devs are flocking to Ethereum now.
Any smart dev can see from a mile away that it would be suicide to try to contribute to Core/Blockstream - Blockstream don't want any new coders or new ideas, they are insular and insecure and they feel downright threatened by new coders with fresh ideas.
They've shown this over and over again, eg:
(2) AntPool is suddenly throwing down the gauntlet, saying they won't do SegWit unless and until they get a hard fork first.
AntPool represents a pretty big chunk of hashrate - so all it's gonna take is another big chunk of hashrate to make the same practical business decision as AntPool (to serve Bitcoin users, instead of serving Blockstream) - and boom! - Blockstream loses their stranglehold on the miners.
Devs don't like dicatorships
Blockstream is too jack-booted lock-step to ever attract any more new dev talent.
This is because good devs are very independent-minded: they can smell a dicatorial organization from a mile away, and so no good dev in their right mind (who might actually have some interesting new ideas that could help Bitcoin) would ever go near Blockstream and its toxic group-think culture.
And so Blockstream will just continue to stagnate under Gregory Maxwell's oppressive "leadership":
Blockstream has backed themselves into a corner
At this point, people are starting to realize that Blockstream is a led by desperate and incompetent dead-enders.
(There are some great coders over there such as Pieter Wuille - and Greg Maxwell is also a great Bitcoin coder, but he is toxic as a "leader".)
Blockstream can't do capacity planning, they can't do threat assessment, they can't innovate, they can't prioritize, and they can't communicate.
In the end, they're only destroying themselves - by censoring debate, and ostracizing existing innovators (eg, Mike Hearn and Gavin Andresen) - and scaring away potential new innovators.
Remember, Blockstream != Bitcoin
It's important to remember that Blockstream cannot destroy Bitcoin - any more than Mt Gox could.
Once Blockstream is thoroughly discredited in the eyes of the Bitcoin community and the media, as "the company that almost strangled the Bitcoin network by trying to force blocks to be smaller than the average web page" - it's gonna be time for honey-badger jokes all over again.
Blockstream's gargantuan conflicts-of-interest will be their downfall
Blockstream is funded by insurance giant AXA - a company whose CEO is the head of the friggin' Bilderberg Group. (He's scheduled to move from CEO of AXA to CEO of HSBC soon. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.)
AXA doesn't even want cryptocurrency to succeed anyways, because half of the 1 trillion dollars of so-called "assets" on their fraudulent balance sheet is actually nothing more than toxic debt-backed worthless derivatives garbage. (AXA has more derivatives than any other insurance company.)
In other words, AXA's balance sheet will be exposed as worthless and the company will become insolvent (just like Lehman Brothers and AIG did in 2008) once real money like Bitcoin actually becomes dominant in the world economy - which will "uber" and knock down the whole teetering $1.2 quadrillion derivatives casino.
Hmm... AIG... a giant insurance group whose alleged "assets" turned out to be just a worthless pile of toxic debt-backed derivatives on the legacy ledger of fantasy fiat, AIG who triggered the 2008 financial near-meltdown... Who does AIG remind me of... Oh yeah AXA... So let's put AXA in charge of paying for Bitcoin development! What could possibly go wrong?!?
Blockstream's owners HATE Bitcoin
Never forget:
This is the probably the most gigantic CONFLICT OF INTEREST in the history of economics. And it's something to think about, as we sit here wondering for years why Blockstream is not only failing to scale Bitcoin - but it's also actively trying to SABOTAGE anyone ELSE who tries to scale Bitcoin as well.
So, be patient - and optimistic
Viewed from one perspective, the fact that this blocksize battle has dragged on for years can be very depressing.
But, viewed from another perspective, the fact that it's still going on is positive - because, for example, nobody really dares to say anymore that "blocks should be 1 MB" - since repeated studies have shown that the current hardware and infrastructure could easily handle 3-4 MB blocks, and Core/Blockstream's own precious SegWit soft-fork is going to need 3-4 MB blocks anyways.
Plus, the only "strengths" that Blockstream had on its side actually turn out to be pretty weak upon closer scrutiny (money from investors like AXA who hate cryptocurrency, censorship from domain squatters who only know how to destroy communities, snark from sockpuppets who can't argue their way out of a wet paper bag on uncensored forums).
In fact, if you were part of Blockstream, you'd be pretty demoralized that a rag-tag bunch of big-blocks supporters has been chipping away at you for the past few years, creating new forums, creating new coins, creating new products and services, exposing the economic ignorance of small-block dead-enders - and all the while, Blockstream hasn't been able to deliver on any of its so-called scaling roadmap.
If it hadn't been for a few historical accidents (cheap energy behind the Great Firewall of China, plus the other "linguistic" firewall that has prevented many people in the Chinese-speaking community from seeing how much of the community actually rejects Blockstream, plus the other accidental fact that bigger blocks involve generalizing Bitcoin, which mathematically happens to require a hard fork), then Blockstream would not have been able to control Bitcoin development as long as it has.
Yeah, they have done routine maintenance stuff and efficiency upgrades, like rewriting libsecp256k, which is great, and much appreciated - and Pieter Wuille's SegWit would be a great refactoring and clean-up of the code (if we don't let Luke-Jr poison it by packaging it as a soft-fork) - but the network also needs some simple, safe scaling.
And the network is going to get simple, safe scaling - whenever it decides that it really, really wants it.
And there's nothing that Blockstream can do to block that.
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