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Possible to buy Eve Online GTC/PLEX with Bitcoin?

Hey all,
I'm new to the Bitcoin community and was wondering if any GTC (game time card) sellers used BitCoin as an accepted currency? Google has only given me older results and broken links.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
EDIT: Just got word from a GM in game that obtaining PLEX/GTC via bitcoins is not allowed per the EULA/TOS. So if you do buy, keep that in mind.
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EVE Online 30 Day Pilot Licence Extension (PLEX) is for sale on for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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Eve Online PLEX is for sale on for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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Bitcoin for Eve Online Plex? Add your vote.

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Eve Online PLEX is for sale on for Bitcoin and Litecoin

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Spreading the word throughout the Universe

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What is your preferred non-credit card form of payment?

So, because of some funding issues, all of my close friends transferred schools. Point of the story is, I have enough time for EVE again, but I don't have a credit card to make payments with. A few months ago I bought a Visa prepaid card and I couldn't use it for EVE because the billing for EVE goes out of country, and the Visa prepaid card only did US transactions.
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EVE ONLINE GAME CONTEST: FANFEST (officially underway!)

Hello Everyone! Just letting you all know we did get some pledges, and there is now a project underway to get Quark Promoted at the Eve Online Fanfest in Iceland on May 1!!!! Please read!!!
Eve Online: Massive video game MMOG with >500,000 subscribers, made by CCP Games, headquartered in Iceland! In Game Currency= Isk Fanfest Annual gathering of EveOnline Fans from all over the World Happening May 1-3
Learn More about Eve Online/Fanfest:
EveOnline Beginners Guide Youtube Video:
EveOnline: I was there:
EveOnline Fanfest Trailer 2014
Dust and Eve Online:
21 Day Free Trial to EveOnline: _arrange with Ian to show u around when he is Online! Per Ian(on Trello):"I have set up a link to invite buddies into Eve. What this means is that you get an extended trial (ie free) time of 21 days to try out the game and immerse yourself into it. You can fly around in the noob ship, try out trading, mining, etc, join a corporation that will help new players. If you are on when I am, I can meet up with you and show you missions etc. The link is: "
PROPOSED STRUCTURE: In Progress... Right now the contest guidelines are:
EDIT 4/25, UPDATE!: see for details!
1 Time Code Giveaway prizes(= 1K Qrk) ... Runner Up Prizes(100qrk?) (23.5k pledged so far! -from Br0venik10k and the Foundation 8k, me 1K, Undercard 1K, Promethium 3500qrk)
Need Ideas, Suggestions, comments on structure of contest guidelines, and also best way to promote
Please note, there is now a planning board up this evening for this project located at:
You can also follow the Quark Forum Thread Here
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EveOnline Game Contest: Fanfest

Meanwhile..Here is the next part of my post...
During the planning of the Iceland Project, it was made known by someone (Ian on Trello) that there is a massive video game headquartered in Iceland, with... only 300,000+ players!!! OMG EveOnline... Eveonline has a Fanfest Every year(it is HUGE and people attend from all over the world)...OMG is coming May 1..
We have been scrambling to try to find out more..Wrote 3 letters to CCP games(makers of EveOnline) about accepting Quark, with press release info attached...They replied- they are not looking for additional forms of payment, and further that they only accept sponsorship of their Fanfest(we asked about this too) from partners.. My last letter was responded to by an "out of office" reply about getting ETC..whats that you ask?
EveTime Codes, used in the game for game time, traded in-game for currency!! (PLEX, isk..)..
Turns out there are on-line dealers of Eve Time Codes --we are working on getting them to accept Quark.. Right now, one ( ) already accepts Bitcoin and they have replied that they would think about it, but just a little while ago got back to us that they will consider adding us in June/july...Meanwhile I just wanted to give an update here because the Fanfest is May 1, and we need to get started if we are going to do something....
Given we can't do a direct sponsorship, some members of the Iceland Project were discussing doing a contest for EveOnline Fanfest attendees... So far the proposal is this-
For the purpose of getting Quark represented at the Eve FanFest..and ultimately accepted for ETC purchases for Eve Online:
EVE FANFEST TIME CODE Giveaway (Quark for ETC would gain us some attention):
One 30 day time code= approximately 900qrk..
A number of Fanfest attendees will receive 1000 Quark--enough to buy a time code with a little left over ( or we could offer the option of directly purchasing it for them with Quark-> Btc -might help build relationship with ) for doing the following:
***Photos of Quark at Fanfest will help us get Time Code dealers to agree to accept Quark*
Now the questions are:
I pledge 1000 Quark for 1 time code If we can get to 10, and then also give Quark to anyone who enters, this would be good so everyone gets something..
P.s. - At the Iceland project we are planning a very large giveaway which we still need to raise funding for (I have some backing/words of support but will need to do a real fundraiser)- so we are keeping this in mind but I want to hear thoughts from anyone on this as a separate project.
For those of you not familiar, here are some links re: EveOnline
EveOnline Beginners Guide Youtube Video
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EVE Online fanfest update and EVE Vegas Coming!

So the Eve Fanfest came..and went!
There was limited response to the photo contest/ EveTime Code giveaway (i.e., no entries, but building followers - including a couple of influential ones- to @QuarkETC)
Moving along, there are some hopeful developments to report/comment on...
1) EveVegas is coming!! Dates were set a few days ago Oct 17-19 They do accept outside sponsorship, because they are a "fan-run" event, as opposed to Fanfest - which is CCP games run.
Just fyi, a possible wrinkle to this might be the article that happened to come out yesterday(such timing): Why EveOnlines Economist thinks Bitcoin could be a scam
-but we are rolling with in Peter Quantums reply to the economist here!:
2) We should get some Quark representers for EVEVegas- We had Billy(undercard) represent us at the crypto currency convention in NYC and did a tremendous job- don't know who else might be interested? Or who wouldn't be interested?! lol
Discounted tickets available for limited time: $175(price went up already!) includes access & open bar reception.
3) What would people like to see in the way of sponsorship, when they reply back to us?
4) Ideas on giveaways leading up to EveVegas, and once Quark accepted? (QuarkFx has a nice Twitter quiz going, ck it out)
@QuarkETC on Twitter:
Thank you everyone!!
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Get points for free with **PointPrizes** **this** **is** **legit** **i** **promise**

below are the list of the codes that can be acquired
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Thank you for reading :)
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Just sold something for bitcoin using Bitmit

I just made my first Bitcoin transaction ever. I sold some Eve online plex on Bitmit! Was really surprised how easy it was. The transaction was quick and stopped some of the worries I had about making transactions using this currency.
I highly recommend the site.
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For Sale: Eve Online PLEX on cryptothrift

For Sale: Eve Online PLEX on cryptothrift for cryptocoins
Tags: eve online, eve online plex, plex
cryptothrift is a Bitcoin, Litecoin and altcoin marketplace and auction site with automated escrow.
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For Sale: Eve Online PLEX on cryptothrift

For Sale: Eve Online PLEX on cryptothrift for cryptocoins
Tags: eve online, eve online plex, plex
cryptothrift is a Bitcoin, Litecoin and altcoin marketplace and auction site with automated escrow.
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