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Getting Started

1. Basic Information
What is Masari?
Masari is a proof of work (PoW) and privacy-centric innovative cryptocurrency that allows users to send money around the globe with low fees very quickly. Using the well researched and cryptographically sound CryptoNote and RingCT protocols means that every transaction origin, amount, and destination is obfuscated by default.Masari is an open source project that is fully decentralized, similar to bitcoin. With several CryptoNote firsts such as uncle mining via the SECOR protocol, a fully client side web wallet, and PoW sharding via the blocktree protocol, Masari is a fast, fungible, secure, private and soon-to-be scalable currency.
Why did you fork from Monero?
Monero is a larger coin than Masari with more community members and developers, which results in longer lead times to change direction and try new things. Masari wants to push the boundaries in privacy and scalability which may take a different path than Monero. Many of the developers who work on Masari have helped Monero and many in the Masari community like both coins.
Where do I get Masari?
Masari is available on several exchanges:
Many only accept Bitcoin, which can be bought peer-to-peer or from coinbase or localbitcoins among other big exchanges and platforms. After you send your bitcoin to one of the above exchanges and trade, you can withdraw your Masari to your wallet of choice.
How do I use Masari?
We aim to make using Masari simple. The easiest way to start using Masari is to visit to create your wallet. Nobody will have access to your credentials as our software uses your own computer to connect directly to the blockchain. This web wallet is the simplest way to use Masari!
2. Community
Who is leading The Masari Project?
Masari is led by several community developers and contributors. In no special order, the community developers are Gnock, Thaer, and Cryptochangements. There is also a Masari Engagement team dedicated to promoting and Marketing Masari. In no special order the team includes Johnny Gonzo, CamtheGeek, JeutheIdit, Xiaomogwai, Dug Punk, SatoriNakamoto, and BazookaJeff. If you would like to create your own group and or add your skills to one of these teams, feel free to reach out to any of the members listed above to volunteer.
Where Can I Hear News and Updates?
Masari has a presence in several social media platforms. We push announcements and updates via Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Telegram, BitcoinTalk, and Discord. Development updates are tracked via Trello. Links are below:
There is also a community meeting held every other Saturday (on even numbered weeks) at 15:00 UTC on our Discord #Meeting-Table Channel. You can bring up your ideas and talk with the devs.
How do you fund development?
Masari is completely funded by community donations. You can view seeking community approval, current, and completed funding proposals at Development is also funded through the following addresses:
How do I volunteer?
The Masari Project is always looking for new volunteers. If you have a skill, we can use it.
3. Download Links
4. Miscellaneous

Courtesy Masari Engagement
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MCT+ Exit Scam

MCT+ Exit Scam

Andreas Kaltenhuber and Carina Fontan

A brief summary

In May 2018 Andreas Kaltenhuber being a software engineer with his wife Carina Fontan founded the Project - a cryptocurrency trading platform MCT+ (My Crypto Trade).
The Platform was growing and gaining popularity thus attracting more and more people.
People were buying the MCT coin which was used as an analog of shares - the MCT coin allowed to get part of the revenue of the Platform.
On 14 May 2019 there was a theft of users' funds from the Platform.
On 2 July 2019 the results of investigation were published and it became clear that the co-founder and the main developer of the Platform Andreas Kaltenhuber had stolen users' funds. In several hours after that the Platform was shut down, the website and the project’s social accounts were deleted.
As a result of the theft and the Platform’s shutdown, several thousand people lost their funds. Many of them lost very serious sums. The total damage was about several hundred thousand Euros.
Andreas and his wife got themselves AT LEAST 100.000 Euros in Bitcoins (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies from the Project (coin presale, fees, stolen funds).
In July 2019 they spent some stolen BTC on their vacation in Malta where they went soon after the exit scam.

The MCT+ Platform Description

Whitepaper: (June 2018) (August 2018)

MCT+ Promo video:

The MCT+ Platform reviews:


The Incident on 14 May 2019 (the theft of users' funds)

The official version of the Incident:
Andreas' laptop was left unlocked in a public place (a coworking office) for several hours thus letting anybody access the whole Platform infrastructure for all this time. Someone in the office took the laptop and stole users’ coins from the Platform.
The investigation about the Incident:
The result of investigation based on blockchain transactions - Andreas was the thief who stole users’ funds from the Platform. It was proven he was simultaneously operating two wallets - his private BTC wallet and the wallet with the stolen coins.
The official announcements about the Incident: (one big lie)
Kev's live stream about the MCT+ exit scam:

In late May Andreas Kaltenhuber disappeared from the MCT+ chat and was absent the whole June due to the “my father is very sick” story.
In reality he was having fun and playing golf with his friends. (TIROLERIN, July 2019, pages 134-135) (the photo was taken on 14.06.2019)

After the MCT+ Exit Scam

On 2 July 2019 the results of investigation were announced and the thieves were exposed. The Platform was shut down. The rest of users’ funds that were on the Platform disappeared (the second theft committed by Andreas Kaltenhuber and Carina Fontan).
In several days after the MCT+ Exit Scam Andreas Kaltenhuber and Carina Fontan went to Malta on vacation for spending the stolen money.

July 2019, Malta


Now Andreas Kaltenhuber and Carina Fontan are running a software company PushPanda developing a browser push notification service (
If you are already a client of this company or only wishing to set up its software on your site, know who are staying behind that - the THIEVES.
Maybe you recognize some photos they posted in the MCT+ chat.
Their dogs (the photo was taken at Golfclub Innsbruck-Igls):
At their home:

Additional information

A private conversation with Andreas when his identity was found out:

A list of events during their vacation in Mallorca (August 2018):

Some Carina (Karin) Fontan’s phrases in the MCT+ chat:

For dessert

You could think Andreas Kaltenhuber grew up in poverty and now he is living a miserable life. How else can you explain the theft he committed? But you are wrong.
His father, Heinrich (Heinz) Kaltenhuber, was the Director of HBLA Lentia (a fashion school) ( in Linz, Austria and is also known as the highest representative of the Lions in Upper Austria (
His mother, Waltraud Kaltenhuber, was a school director in Linz, Austria and then she started a political career at The Austrian People's Party (
Here you can see the whole family where Heinrich Kaltenhuber is getting a government award for his activity.

Andreas, Waltraud, Heinrich Kaltenhuber
What an idealistic picture. But remember what Andreas did with your money. So you can call it: “A thief around his family”.
Good job, Heinrich and Waltraud, you raised a good son. How it’s said: “The apple never falls far from the tree”. Think about it.
But what about Carina Fontan?
Now it’s her third marriage.
Her first husband, Martin Granbichler, is the director and a co-owner of a bus company (
Her second husband, Gerhard Fontan, is a board member of “Regionalmedien Austria” (
Not the poorest members of society I would say.
And what can we see here? She with her second husband playing golf? What a surprise.
Don’t miss, Carina.
And as you remember our fatty baldy friend plays golf as well. Hah. What a coincidence.
So we see what “fish” she is catching all her life.
Time for looking for the fourth one. Seems “Baldy” will be in prison soon.
For more details you can contact me via Telegram:
Visit this channel:
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Improving resistance to transaction origination harvesting | Justus Ranvier | Mar 17 2015

Justus Ranvier on Mar 17 2015:
Hash: SHA1
The ability of entities with large numbers of nodes to track the
origination of Bitcoin transactions is very similar to an attack on
the Freenet project.
The Freenet project addressed this weakness by via a technique they
called "Darket" - which means that nodes would only connected to a
defined set of trusted peers instead of being open to all connections
(Opennet) An individual Freenet node can operate in Opennet mode, or
Darknet mode, or mixed mode. [1]
This approach would be beneficial to Bitcoin as well to reduce privacy
leaks due to harvesting attacks.
Allow Bitcoin nodes to create authenticated connections with trusted
peers via CurveCP [2]. Nodes that have at least one CurveCP peer only
broadcast their transactions to those peers.
Use of CurveCP requires both sides of the connection to know each
other's long term public key. This key can be packaged in a structure
similar in concept to a Freenet node reference.
A Bitcoin node reference consists of a JSON structure containing one
or more "externalip" elements followed by one "pubkey" element. The
structure is then clearsigned by the long term CurveCP public key
contained in the "pubkey" element.
Users who wish to set up a secure connection between their nodes would
first use an API command to generate their node references, exchange
these files, and copy them to the ~/.bitcoin/curvecp directory with a
.ref extension. The node only accepts CurveCP connections from, and
attempts CurveCP connection to, peers whose references are present in
that directory.
Instead of listening both for regular TCP and CurveCP connections on
the same port, CurveCP connections would take place on a separate
port, designated by -bind_curvecp, -port_curvecp, and -externalip_curvecp
If -bind_curvecp is specified, the node will always listen for
incoming CurveCP connections, -listen=0 can be set to disallow
non-authenticated incoming connections.
Relationship with Tor:
This proposal would work along with, or independently of Tor usage.
The same network monitoring techniques which can track an originating
transaction to a particular IP address could do the same thing for a
node which is listening as a hidden service, and any technique for
deanonymising hidden services could then identify the point of origin.
Currently the only way to configure a node to submit its transactions
anonymously to the network is to make the node non-listening, which
means it can not contribute to the network.
This proposal would allow nodes to contribute to the network as
listening nodes, while retaining privacy with regards to transactions
originating from themselves.
SPV peers:
CurveCP connections also can be created between full nodes and SPV
nodes, in which case transactions originating from the SPV peers would
be routed as if they originated from the full node.
Justus Ranvier | Monetas <>
| Public key ID : C3F7BB2638450DB5
 | BM-2cTepVtZ6AyJAs2Y8LpcvZB8KbdaWLwKqc 
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